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Helen Possas at South Tampa Piano Lessons LLC - Teachers - Teaching Piano for 35 Years
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We love watching our students become better version of themselves - South Tampa Piano Lessons LLC Teachers
Helen Possas teaching piano to a student - child
Recital Trophies at South Tampa Piano Lessons LLC
Zhorzheta Ivanova and Alexa Ivanova and Helen Possas at South Tampa Piano Lessons Recital.

My name is Helen Possas.

I am a Piano Teacher at South Tampa Piano Lessons since  2018.


I have been teaching Piano,Theory & Composition lessons for 36 years.  

I started teaching at the age of 15 years old and playing and studying piano since the age of 4 years old. I have never stop learning with a few degrees later, many accomplishments and professional accolades with over 35 years teaching piano lessons full time.


Prior, I was the past Founder and Director of 2 Music Schools: Charlotte Music School in Charlotte, NC and Westchase Music School in Tampa, FL. 


I built both schools off the ground up and directed 55 staff members with a little over 

550 families between both schools. They were beautiful schools. Lots of work, but they enhanced the lives of many, including mine.

Unfortunately, I had to sell both schools due to a divorce and I had to go back to teaching privately and by myself, out of my home in Beach Park,  in a completely new area with zero students and where nobody knew who I was and with zero support. I was heart-broken. I was 


I moved to South Tampa for my son to attend a better school and after 5 years of teaching on my own, crediting my excellence and hard work ethics and my high standards in teaching music, have now a studio of my own.

I UNDERSTAND how difficult it can be to find a reliable, consistent and experienced Piano Teacher able to motivate, INSPIRE and properly guide students of all ages and levels towards success.


Unfortunately, South Tampa is no exception to the rule.

As a MOM of a now teenager son, I also understand what parents go through to find the best piano lessons and teachers for our kids. Growing up, my son Lucas just like your kids, also had other music teachers: violin, guitar, drums and even piano. We just want our kids to learn, grow in their music, excel, succeed and enjoy playing the instrument. I've been there, so I know! 

I see the struggle and frustration of many parents and adult students coming to my lessons. Unfortunately for some,  after being in private music lessons that led their kids nowhere. Some after   1-2 years without learning how to read notes or a music manuscript or even play a song that they enjoy!  And many cannot play any songs at all. And yes, they are in South Tampa!


**Please read some of my Google reviews of parents/students expressing how my teaching is different.

What I see most is many kids not being challenged and staying put on the same level for years, without improving or at times they never learn how to play a song that they enjoy and only music that their teachers want them to play without rhyme or reason.


Hiring someone to come to your house at a cheaper rate, does not equal quality or success or that that individual have the right method of teaching, consistency and personality adequate for your child. IT means just that: a cheaper rate that equals an un-inspiring education.

That also applies to online piano teaching: the latest craze! Everyone thinks it works. But it doesn't work for every student Most online teachers don't even care to prepare for lessons. They constantly change their schedules and are not available consistently because they live off other things and they prioritize high paying students and "off the grid life" not your child and consistent growth.                      The parents think they are doing great by saving money or hiring someone overqualified and in the end, they end up making tons of copies of everything and kids are being left yet again: frustrated, unmotivated and they quit piano lessons! 


Not all online teachers are well qualified and some are even overqualified for a student and many don't care for your individual lesson week to week basis or have the right amount of patience and dedication that your child deserves. They care about one thing: their income. It is sad but it is the truth. 

         I have been on many sides of the

                              Music Lessons Teaching Industry:

Student,  Composer,Teacher, Parent, Teacher at a music store,  Music Schools Owner, Substitute Teacher, Performer, Wedding Performer, Church and Country Club Performer, back to being a Student,  Coaching, Composing Music, Mentoring other Teachers and Music School Owners, Developing systems for teaching and effective running music schools and back at teaching and composing again.


I will always be proud of being: a lifelong Piano Student and Teacher.

At my studio I design our lessons with the right balance of individualized attention, patience, practical training, and positive encouragement in a built studio just made for lessons. This in turn, encourages children and adults to be more motivated in taking lessons.

Each student receives custom PRIVATE, in-person lessons based on their needs and wants, age, personality, level of knowledge, music style and their goals, always with an emphasis on confidence-boosting.

We make playing the piano FUN, ENJOYABLE and ATTAINABLE.   

Get in touch with me today to schedule your first lesson 

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